Wings for Widows

Posted by Marisa Arnold on

Today, Michelle and I were able to meet the founder of the non-profit organization Wings for Widows. Chris Bentley started this organization in January of 2018.  As recent widows we realize that we have specific needs.  One of the greatest is financial help, specifically how to manage our finances.  Wings for Widows provides free financial advisors and classes to widows.  You are also paired with a Coach and advocate to help you in your journey.  They offer many other resources such as grief exploration classes.

We were most impressed with Chris' understanding that every widow's experience is unique to them.  No one goes through this process the same.  But creating a community where widows can connect with each other in a personal way is one of their end goals.

His organization partners with organizations like ours that want to reach out to widows and minister to them.  He believes that by supporting many diverse widow organizations, it will allow widows to connect with communities they need in their current journey.

We will be a proud sponsor of Wings for Widows this year.  We will be using a portion of our our sales to support Wings for Widows.  When we are able to move forward with Sisterhood of the Widow's Walk we feel this will be a valuable relationship.


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